Podio Nascar Mexico Mty(1)


Rubén García Jr. from Canel’s, achieved in “El Frijol” (The Bean) of Monterrey, his second victory of the season after Chihuahua, and fights for his place in the playoffs. Salvador de Alba Jr. from Sidral Aga and Andrés Pérez de Lara from Commscope, crossed the finish line in second and third place.

The NASCAR Mexico Series had his 7th race of the 2023 regular season at the “El Frijol” in  Autódromo Monterrey. Due to the climatic conditions, high temperatures that are registered in this part of the country, the qualifying was carried out the same day of the race and the pole winnner was Salvador de Alba Jr.

The driver of the No. 48 car took first the start and he was passed by García Jr., who occuppied the first place until the stage and since then, he went in search of his second victory of the season.

The incident involving Regina Sirvent and Juan Manuel González, when there were 7 minutes left to finish the competition, (it was indicated that the white flag would appear at 7:30 p.m. because sunlight was no longer enough to continue), ended the race with Rubén García Jr. as the winner followed by Salvador de Alba Jr. and Andrés Pérez de Lara.

“It is a victory that we worked it on the track, since it was a very disputed race, we demonstrated that we are ready to fight for the championship” said Rubén.

Salvador de Alba and Andrés Pérez de Lara were satisfied with the obtained result, since it was one of the best competitions of the season.