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On the land where his team and sponsors are based, Rubén García Jr. from Canel’s-Ligitech-Laboratorio Tequis crossed the finish line in first place, in a race where several yellow flags were deployed as a result of the many contacts that occurred in it.

The driver of the No. 88 car that started from the second overall place, had first to fight side by side against Noel León and by the end of the race against Commscope-Telcel’s Abraham Calderón, the Monterrey driver who crossed the finish line in second place after occupying the sixth place in the grid. Gracia Jr. and Calderón were accompanied on the podium by Julio Rejón from Nucleo Sepec-Grupo Santana Vega, who also gave the fans an amazing spectacle.

“I want to thank the team, the García Navarro family and all the fans that came to the Súper Óvalo Potosino, I want to dedicate this victory to my girlfriend as well, because today is her birthday”, said Rubén.

This is García Jr’s third victory of the season and is a contender among those who will define who will be the 2023 NASCAR México champion.

“This second place isn’t bad; I needed the victory to look for a place in the playoffs. I congratulate Rubén and want to thank all the fans from San Luis Potosí who gathered in large numbers at the Súper Óvalo Potosino” stated Calderón.

Julio Rejón said it was one of the most disputed races of the season and it is the reason why the podium that took place in San Luis Potosí has an especial value.


1 RUBÉN GARCÍA JR 1:36:32.582
2 ABRAHAM CALDERÓN 1:36:32.892
3 JULIO REJÓN (N) 1:36:34.822
4 JOSÉ LUIS RAMÍREZ 1:36:35.681
5 XAVI RAZO 1:36:36.338
6 GERMÁN QUIROGA 1:36:36.608
7 SANTIAGO TOVAR 1:36:37.016
8 JAKE COSIO 1:36:37.379
9 ROGELIO LÓPEZ 1:36:37.845
10 ANDRÉS PÉREZ DE LARA 1:36:38.298